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Technical Contests


Rules and Regulations:
1.Each team should have maximum 2 members.
2.This event will be conducted in 2 phases(prelims and Finals).
3.Five teams will be selected after the prelims for circuit debugging.
4.The finalists will be selected on time basis.
5.Decision of the judges will be final.
1.Preliminaries will be a written test with 20 questions (objective types & circuit with a error in it) duration of the test is 20 min.
1.This round will be of consisting of circuit with higher complexity. Time allotted for this will be half an hour.
Judging Criteria:
1.In the absence of complete debugging, the partial debugging will also be considered and the prizes will be distributed accordingly.
2.First and Second will be awarded.

Registration fee: Rs 100/- per each team.

For further details :

M GOWTHAMI REDDY: 7416303090

Coding Contest

Rules and Regulations:
1.Participants will be given 10 questions to solve within 90 minutes.
2.The one who executes(without syntactical and logical errors)maximum number of problems will win the contest.
3.If two or more participants complete all the problems within the given period, the one who first executes all the problems will win the contest

Registration fee: Rs 100/- per each team.

For further details :

R.R.SIVA: 9542567527

Spot Events

Short Film

Rules and Regulations:
1.Decision of the judges will be final
2.Film should be message or theme oriented.
3.The length of the short film should be maximum 15 min.

For further details :

N MIDHUN REDDY : 9494947453

Poster Presentation(Any department)

Rules and Regulations:

1.Poster presenters are usually offered a large area to display their material (typically 1square meter or 2m by 1m)

2.Posters are usually read at a viewing distance of more than one meter.

3. You will need to make sure that your poster is legible and easy to scan at this distance so that your information is understood quickly.

4.Time limit up to 6 min.

Registration fee: Rs 100/- per each Poster

For further details :

Dr S.Hemasundararaju: 9247550514

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