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Dr.R.Veera Sudarsana Reddy received Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Madras in 2005.He is a recipient of 12 National awards, two International awards, three gold medals and an ING-IABSE medal. He has 27 years of experience in teaching, research, and industry. He published more than 62 research papers in International and National Journals and Conferences. He visited 5 countries and delivered expert lectures at prestigious universities like National University of Singapore (NSU). He acted as member of Board of studies-JNTUA, member of common Board of studies-Acharya Nagarjuna University, member of an academic committee for the PG diploma course offered by JNTUH, and as an Advisory Committee member for several International and National Conferences and Workshops.

Dr.R. Veera Sudarsana Reddy



To share knowledge, understanding, and creativity by providing a broad range of educational programs in a strong and diverse community of learners and teachers, and prepare students for active roles in the fast-paced world.


To become a leader in providing quality educational services and create value by offering superior educational programs, supported by exceptional service, and delivered with integrity.


Dear Students and Parents,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our SV Colleges family. Having students from different parts of the country, I sincerely consider it our priority to make the students feel right at home.

We strive to provide a unique educational experience for students by devoting all of our efforts to our mission, insight, and culture on a daily basis. As you will realize from going through our website, our goal is to provide our diverse student body with exemplary education, instilling in our students a love of learning, the ability to think independently, and the confidence to chase their dreams and goals. To do that for our students, we offer academic programs with high standards and we support each one of them as they work to achieve the goals.

It is with great pride that I serve as the Chairman of SV Colleges. I believe in the education we offer just as I believe in our faculty and our students. Envision your student in this environment, where we emphasize the important qualities of integrity, honesty, and creativity. I once again welcome you to our SV Colleges family and assure the best of the education to our students.


Mr. G. Sreenivasulu


Mr. M. Chandra Sekhar Reddy


Dr. P. Sreenivasulu Reddy



Qualified GATE-2021

M. Bhavan Kumar Reddy, C.J. Varun Reddy, students of III CSE and V. Swarna Latha, student of IV EEE secured ALL INDIA RANKs – 3271, 4631 & 7316 respectively in GATE 2021.

Qualified GATE-2020

K.Naga shivudu, IV CSE student secured ALL INDIA RANK – 2989 in GATE 2020.


P.Pavani Reddy , IV CSE student won 1st Prize in poster presentation on Cyber Security in AMPLE-2019 at SVCE,Tirupati.